Ann Arbor 

Dog Walking

20 minutes - $25

10 pack - $220 ($22/walk)

30 minutes - $30

10 pack - $270 ($27/walk)

45 minutes - $45

10 pack - $320 ($32/walk)

1 hour - $60

10 pack - $370 ($37/walk)

additional dog:

$15 - per walk

10 pack - $100

*Packages expire one year after purchase.

*SSAC Does Not Board Animals

Transportation Fee (only applicable if over 5 miles) 

$.50 per miles traveled (round trip)

Key Pick up & Drop off = 1 visit each

To Avoid Key Fee 

Please plan ahead and have a 

Copy of your Key 

ready during your Free Consultation

Same Day / Day Before / 2 Days Before 

Cancellation Fee = Still Charged

Same Day / Day Before 

Request Fee = $15 

*Requests or Cancellations must be received during business hours of Monday-Saturday 8am-4pm. 

*If cancellation is sent after business hours three days prior to walk, it will be considered a two day before request or cancellation. 

*If request is sent after business hours two days prior to walk, it will be considered a day before request. 

Weekend Fee = $15


Email us Now: 

Schedule your 

FREE Consultation 

and secure your reservation with 

Sunset Animal Care


Holiday Fee

$20 extra per walk   

Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July,Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve

Christmas Day, New Years Eve 

New Years Day.